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Earth Friendly Living

Everyone has a responsibility towards protecting the earth. There are many excuses to avoid responsibility. The list goes on and on here are just a few. It is not my fault. I am not a polluter. There are many factors that contribute to global warming and the destruction of the environment. Many of these factors are based upon individual actions. So each individual must consider how his or her actions affect the actions of others and the environment. With a reduced demand for certain products that are not environmentally friendly, the contribution to environmental destruction will be reduced. This can be rephrased as reduce, reuse, and recycle. This can occur in everyone's actions.
The earth friendly shopper considers how the purchase and use of the product or service will affect the environment. What is the waste that will result from the purchase? Is there excessive packaging? Is a product environmentally friendly or will its use harm the environment? How long is the life expectancy of the product? When the product is no longer useful what are the effects of disposal?

Avoid buying products with excessive packaging, aerosols, or products that can be toxic to the environment. Reduce or eliminate the need for plastic eating utensils and other no biodegradable disposable items. This will reduce the production which contributes to global warming by excessive energy consumption, and pollution. It will also reduce the waste in landfills. Buy items that have been manufactured with recycled material. Recycling is only part of the solution there must be a demand created for products using recycled material. If there is an increase in sales of products containing recycled material than the demand will increase and less potentially recyclable material will be dumped in landfills.

The earth friendly gardener uses natural predators and/or earth friendly pest control methods. Frequently pesticide does more than killing pests. It can be harmful to the environment and to pets. It can also be introduced into the water supply. With natural predators nature does all the necessary killing with no harm to the environment. Native plants are ideal for the garden as they have a natural resistance to pests and are well adapted for the area. Thus requiring little or no maintenance. Using an earth friendly landscape instead of on time, water, and reduce the demand for long maintenance products. This will also result in a monetary savings.

It is beneficial to both the environment and individuals to eat natural when possible. This will reduce the demands for excessive packaging, metal cans, and energy consumption required for processing and transportation of the processed products. Eating natural is also healthier than eating processed foods. This is because most processed foods contain preservatives, food dyes, and excessive sodium. These have been proven to be detrimental to health and excessive amounts. Another suggestion is to a lower or the consumption of red meat. This is beneficial to the environment and individuals. Red meat production can be harmful to the environment because of the increased demand for grazing land and products used. Eating excessive amounts of red meat can be harmful to health because of the high fat content and all the additives and other chemicals in the food of animals before slaughter and introduced by other methods. These factors can contribute to cancer and heart disease.

Earth friendly eating can be beneficial to the earth and to individuals. The reduction of unnecessary chemicals and destructive practices will produce a healthier environment and less toxins in the food. Of course it is an individual's choice of what is eaten. However knowledge and implementation of a healthy and earth friendly diet can have great nutritional benefits without the possibility of harmful substances introduced into the human body.

Reducing emissions results in cleaner air and hence less carbon monoxide to contribute to global warming. A reduction in the amount of vehicles on the road is beneficial to all. Is it necessary to to drive? Is public transportation an option? Can several trips be combined? How about walking or riding a a bicycle? These are all possible alternatives to driving a vehicle and will result in less pollution and a lower demand for oil if implemented.