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Earth Friendly Vehicles � Save on Gas, Save the Environment


The environment is a priority for many people. If you are eager to do your part, you should become aware of environmentally friendly vehicles. Driving one of these cars on the road will play a huge part in cutting down on carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Alternative fuels are the key to allowing a vehicle to be environmentally friendly. While battery powered cars have the largest potential for eliminating harmful emissions, the current state of these cars is less than practical. They have limited engines and typically need recharging after less than 100 miles of driving.

Therefore, the kind of car that consumers should focus on in this point in development of alternative fuel sources for environmentally friendly vehicles is the hybrid car. These kinds of cars run on both gasoline and battery power. Electricity is the first source of power for hybrid cars, and when they reach a certain speed, the engine automatically switches to gasoline use to give it enough power for highway driving. That is how hybrid cars can boast a fuel economy of about 50 miles per gallon. These engines can recharge themselves, unlike purely electrical cars, making them ideal for drivers today.

Then, there are the plug-in hybrid cars, which are environmentally friendly vehicles that are plugged into an external outlet for recharging. These cars operate similarly to hybrid vehicles, but you need to keep them charged in order to benefit from the heightened fuel efficiency. No matter what kind of environmentally friendly vehicle you opt for, you will experience a greatly improved fuel economy and a lower carbon footprint. All of these things are worthwhile, especially when you consider that hybrid cars usually cost no more than gasoline-only vehicles.

The most popular selling hybrid vehicle today is the Toyota Prius. The Honda Insight is a contemporary hybrid that has not been received as well as the Prius, but it is certainly making a place for itself in the category of environmentally friendly vehicles. The Ford Escape SUV has one of the best fuel economies for an SUV�about 34 mpg. Ford also sells the Fusion Hybrid. The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid car that can run for 40 miles on pure electricity. The Tesla Roadster is a more expensive battery-operated car but can travel for 300 miles between charges. Clearly, there is a growing market for environmentally friendly vehicles that you can tap into today.