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The Destruction Of Earth

Humans are by far the most dangerous creatures on this planet. They are capable of directly and indirectly destroying their environments. No other species on the planet are capable of doing this at such a devastating rate. The destruction of Earth's resources and environment is due to human greed, ignorance, laziness and recklessness. It is easy to blame others and corporations for this problem. However all must accept responsibility for the problem and finding and implementing the solution.

What are the problems affecting the Earth's environment? What are the solutions to the problems? There are many problems that compound and develop other problems. Each problem must be addressed and corrected. This manifests in various forms that if uncorrected will lead to the destruction of Earth's environment and natural resources. Furthermore the consequences of these acts of destruction can have severe ramifications such as uninhabitable land, reduction of land, famine, disease, and possible wars. This seems frightening and it should be. Only humans are capable of such destruction.

How can these possible occurrences affect mankind? How can the occurrences be prevented? These issues will be addressed here. There are many ways to correct or lessen the severity of these problems. Global warming is a result of excessive destruction of natural resources, pollution excessive waste, illegal dumping, consumer ignorance, the list goes on and on.

When mankind destroys the natural resources through over harvesting, exploitation, and other indirect ways. The destruction of the ozone layer, extinction of species, loss of scientific resources, and potential cures for disease, can occur.

Through the destruction caused by over harvesting of the forests mankind has caused extinctions of species and endangered other species. Many natural resources have been depleted. There is a direct correlation between the loss of trees and the increase of carbon monoxide in the environment. This can be simply rephrased as the reduction of clean air. The reduction of trees also means a reduction of topsoil as trees help retain topsoil. Through the destruction of the rain forests and swampland mankind has lost and will continue to lose valuable scientific resources. This includes cures for disease, and other valuable resources. This also contributes to global warming.

It is easy to solely blame corporations, governments, and other individuals for the problem. However everyone must assess his or her contributions to the problem and the sollutions. Earth is our home and we must protect it. Global warming is a problem for all. So ask yourself are you contributing more to the problem or solution? Then take action!


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